Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Sam Willows live at The Bee, Publika.

The moment Livescape Group announce on Facebook saying that The Sam Willows are coming to Malaysia I've already decided 90% that I want to go for their concert because I've been waiting for them to come since last year and Malaysia is their first stop for their tour! :D

I had to decide between TSW & PS Awakening but I went for TSW event and definitely no regrets at all.

I participate for the M&G contest too and I was one of the lucky winner! This was my 2nd time winning a M&G to meet my favourite youtubers and the first one was Wong Fu Productions so really thank God that I got to meet them before the concert start :)

All of them were super friendly and I'm so thankful that Mike came for the event with me.

I've always love to listen to their songs on Youtube ; computer/laptop ; phone and spotify but they sound even more amazing live. I've never enjoy myself this much before during a concert and I was singing along together with the band but it's rare because I don't normally do that so I really gave my 110% during the concert. I didn't only enjoy watching them performing but I did enjoy recording some videos + taking some pictures as well.

If you want to you can check out their videos here - https://www.youtube.com/user/Shermaine29/videos 

After the concert Mike & I wanted to go for supper/dessert straight away but I suddenly remember that I'm suppose to buy their album so we went back and they had an autograph session. I went for it although Mike & I didn't know that they were going to have an autograph session and Mike help me to take a picture with them too so it's all good. 

It's definitely a night to remember. If you guys are coming to KL again I will definitely go for it and I love all of you so much :')

Sunday, March 6, 2016

For Love.

February was a pretty interesting and happening month for me. I met up with some friends and my siblings came back from the land down under too! :D

I shall let the pictures do the talking :)

Met up with le bestie after so long during February 4th and it was one day before Chinese New Year. It's always great to catch up about life with her.



Met the girls again which is Vanessa and Kylie after almost 2 years. We had a good time talking with each other during our dinner session at Paradigm Mall :D

Family! :D

Reunion lunch.

CNY Eve reunion dinner. Everything was cook by my bro and my maid help him to prepare all of the awesome food too.

I had the chance to watch Deadpool together with my parents and it was my first time paying the movie ticket for them. There will be more to come <3

Spent Valentine's Day with Vinorra at church then dinner with family at Midvalley. It was a good day :)

I had the opportunity to watch Ola Bola with mini family including Anantha and it's a really amazing and touching movie. For those who, haven't watch it yet, you should watch it! 

February 28 was a really good off day for me and it is really RARE for people that work at F&B to get off during weekend. I play bowling with the 3 of them and we went out for dinner together with other friends too. 

Celebrated le bro and bestie's birthday on February 29 and we gave him a huge surprise. I'm sure he enjoy himself a lot :)

That's all for the month of February. Oh and I've started my new job too, my colleagues are awesome and so am I.

God bless you.